anó ra'áano⁴ ra'a³vcatch; touch; shake hands; hittocar; dar un apretón de manosYuvaa̱ ndo chuvaa̱ saj ne̱ Juán canó ra'a maa llo'.The lion was very fierce, but Juan caught itEl león es muy bravo, pero Juan logró agarrarlo.Cano̱ raá so̱' nica̱' xrque chruun xlá.Touch the bottom of the chair.Cano̱ ra'á so̱' cúú yuve̱ so̱'.Touch your head.PhrasePhraseThis is the general word word for touch, which can be used for an object in any orientation. Contrast uta' ra'a, which is used for touching something that is a horizontal position.c-anótouchra'ahand, finger branch