a'néé ra'aa'nee⁵ ra'a³vabsolve oneself of responsibility for cesar de ser responsable, no apoyar nomásChe'é dan guun yaníj Diose̱ rihaan nij yuvii̱ israelitá, ne̱ ca'néé ra'a Diose̱ man nij so' na'vi̱j nij so' rihaan nij rasu̱u̱n va̱a rej xta̱'…And that is why God became apart from the Jewish people and allowed them to pray to the things in the sky ... Pero Dios se apartó de ellos y los entregó para que sirvieran al ejército del cielo (los cuerpos celestes), ...ACT 7:42aDan me se ca'néé ra'a Diose̱ man nij so' quira̱n' nij so' da̱nj na̱nj ei.God allowed them to suffer like this.ése es su merecido1PE 2:8cThe object is person who is allowed to do something, usually with accusative man, then a verb in the potential aspect, followed by a pronoun which refers to the object: Verb SUBJ/i (acc) OBJ/j pot-VERB Pron/jc-a'níí 2sendra'ahand, finger branch